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New Characters please, put fusions like Gotenks or Veggito

Totally broken — Do not buy if you like PvP

Totally broken PvP system encourages people to cheat rampantly. Once you get up in level you won’t have much fun. Developer is not interested in fixing this issue and is very hard to get ahold of. “Contact us” feature in app is broken and makes it difficult to email support. Totally broken.

Crappy battle system

This game seems real fun at first until you try to get competitive in the battles. The AI is a f*ckin BS nightmare, and the "vanishing step" is very unreliable and doesn't trigger half the time (having played this a lot and I know it's not merely my bad timing). Sometimes it will allow you to cancel attack or ki charging animations to perform the Dodge, and other times it will not. And SO many times the AI will pull off impossible evades and f*CK up your attempt to complete a challenge.


This game is filled with cheaters no point to even play pvp cause 90% of players just lag switch and cheat to win the report system is just horrible because you have to wait till the end of a pvp season for the cheaters to get banned, lack of story drives you to do pvp and that’s just a horrible experience, i have such a love hate relationship with this game and right now i hate it

Not what you think but can be improved

Been playing this game for awhile now and overall it’s a decent time waster. Some things I’ve noticed are: 1) As far as I can tell your opponents in PvP are computer operated clones of other peoples accounts, not actual people. This takes out the competitive “feel” in my opinion. 2)The match making in PvP is atrocious. I use my 500k team and get matched with 800k teams, a complete blowout, I use my 40k team and still match 800k teams. They do not match on team power at ranks 20 and above it appears. Below rank 20 I’ve been matched with similar team powers consistently. 3) There is no blocking in PvP, at all..........and you can only dodge once, then the meter has to be refilled. The meter is refilled by you getting smacked in the face. Also, the dodge command is spotty at best. Sometimes it will work, sometimes you’ll just sit there. 4) The load screens, after almost every screen, are annoying. Also some navigation through the equipment screen vs the equipment upgrade screen. It would make more sense for me to be able to upgrade an item on my character on one screen, instead I have to leave that screen, load another screen, then find THAT particular version of that item in a list of 200+ items to upgrade it... not user friendly. In reality this is about a 3/5 rating. The points above, if addressed, would easily push this into a 4-4.5 rating. The story/mission/events rewards are fairly balanced, allowing even F2P players ample opportunity to acquire the more sought after characters and boost abilities.

The game is so fun



Amazing game literally the only game I play everyday on my phone . Love the art and graphics!. But can you guys update it already so we can teach shallot other special moves and maybe farm more costumes??? He is an awesome character but there’s a need to update him And please release a new broly event banner for the movie 🙏🏻🔥🔥


Y’all have vegeta red for Ex-6 to strong. Ive been using my strongest players and still can’t beat him. 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

I lost chrono crystals after doing a summon with a summoning ticket.

I had 995 crystals at 2:50 Am and then after I summoned I had 961 left but I didn’t need to use chrono crystals to begin with. Especially at this time because it was daily summons. I want my crystals back.

Nice but boring!

Awesome Game! Great UI! Great Graphics. Gameplay is Boring. Why do we have to keep waiting for a new section or chapter of the main story. Everything from leveling up, the battles, and getting items is too repetitive. In other words “boring.” I was excited about this game when it first came out and I’m a hardcore Dragon Ball fan. But really. This game is so overrated, and what’s up with having so many characters of the same person. You got like 10 different Goku’s and 10 different Vegeta’s....etc. No excitement there. The Main story and the event stories are also repetitive. Nothing new. Always have to wait for a new story and a new event. This game will lose interest fast. Just my opinion.


Visuals are amazing. Game play is cool. Just like any other game it promotes a positive feedback so it can be a little addictive and kill your battery.

Best game ever!!!!

This is the best dragonball z mobile game I have ever played. I’ve been playing this game non stop everyday ever since the game first got realized truly is the best game ever. I just have a request just like how you use the strike and if they connect the player that’s taps higher wins? Can you guys make it to where the ultimate attacks meet and the person with the highest tap wins as well? That would be awesome!!!!

Great Game for IOS!

Best game I’ve played on IOS. If you’re a fan of the series download this game for sure! Excellent graphics, you can unlock a great number of characters from various DBZ sagas, and characters have their signature moves!

It’s fun but pvp

I’ve been playing this game for about three months and I have been enjoying it quite thoroughly but when it comes to pvp the opponent with slow connection seems to get the upper hand. This advantage needs to be fixed especially since there have/still are pvp missions.

The gift that keeps on giving

I was hesitant to play an interactive fighting game on a smartphone platform, at first. But I admit that this game is only getting better 😊

Please fix this

Love this game! But I’m annoyed that almost every time I open the app I have to download the 58 MP of data. I just wanna log in and play but constantly have to wait, I don’t bother playing sometimes because of it.

Mostly great, few complaints

Updated 2018SEP20. Originally posted 2018SEP09 ⭕️ UPDATE: Game is still constantly being patched, and updated. Most of the changes appear to be server side and minimal updating of the app on your actual phone (good thing). As updates come by I’ll constantly revise this review. Cheers 🍻 Cons: ❌ UPDATE: Biggest complaint at the moment is the 58-60MB download at the load screen is worse now. No one knows its purpose, and even if you dig through the options to download the files to your phone... after the app has been minimized for a few minutes, YOU STILL HAVE TO DOWNLOAD IT AGAIN. Why is this a thing? ✖️ PvP Match making times can be really slow (even on WiFi). Has improved though. ✖️Matches need to be more strict in booting opponents with bad connection. ✖️ Vanishing Step should have added cost to prevent spamming of dodge attacks, note that these people tend to still be easy to beat, sooo 🤷‍♂️ ✖️ some load screen tips are lies that say “ranged attacks” cannot be dodged with Vanishing Step. This may be a translation error and may mean “area of effect” attacks like Nappa’s super can’t be dodged with vanishing step? ✖️ Constant 50-60MB download on boot after app has been minimized for indeterminate amount of time. Is the game loading the data to volatile memory rather than to disk? Why not also automatically load it to disk from RAM while in game so that we don’t have to constantly redownload? Why is it not DEFAULT to download and keep game data? Major annoyance here. Pros: ✔️ Game is great! Really amazing for a smart phone game ✔️ NOT pay-to-win the same way trading card games aren’t pay to win. It would be cost prohibitive to drop as much money as it would require ✔️ Very clever perks for characters. Perfect Cell has bonus against Super Saiyans and Androids. Super Trunks gets strength buff if Vegeta is defeated, etc. Makes for very dynamic fights. Surprising too. Don’t rage quit! You never know when a match will turn around. ✔️ Well balanced, and constantly patched/updated.

Awesome game but needs some fixes

This game is awesome I love it but something is off it’s just whenever I use a consecutive summon it loads very slow and lags me out of my game got my very irritated please fix this other than that the game is amazing

Summons are bs

The summons are super bs. You can summon 20 times a day for a week and not get a sparkling character. Stupid.

Dragon ball legends

It amazing


I don’t know what happened but a few minutes after my review I finally got the z power boosts for my characters after my ten character summon so good job guys great game and my complaints in my previous reviews were probably just because of lag or minor glitches in the game. This is easily one of the best mobile games I have ever played. So good job.


The best mobile game I’ve played since Dokkan


DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!! Until they fix the horrendous pvp. This game rewards cheaters.

Can I have goku

I want the new goku please I had 460 and I got bad luch please


The game is perfect but after that last update I couldn’t log back in and had to delete the game. Janky system wouldn’t let me transfer even though I was connected with gaming center Now I gotta start all over because y’all dropped the ball on that last update. FOOLS

Dragon Ball Legends

Game of The Year ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Game is really good fun to play with but once you get the summons you get nothing but trash every summon I do I get stupid Yamaha stupid cabbage head saibaman and if it’s not I get that stupid looking clown shitzu also one more honorable the waste of space jaco. wasted 1000 crystals to get trash characters please give better summons thank you

Get ready to pay

Overall the game looks and plays great the reason I am giving this a 2 instead of 5 is the system to get the characters you want is completely broken totally designed to make you spend money and lots of it. This game has no legitimate way to get these characters without spending money.




In order to like this game one your gonna have to love the anime show and two u need to know how to play. It’s a really addicted game just that it’s gonna take a while for us to get to like see more recent characters like UI goku and jiren and golden frieza and stuff like that but it’s worth waiting

As Predicted: Going Downhill ⬇️

Giving it one star so the devs can see what I’m about to say, although I doubt they will. My ratings would still drop from 4 to 3 stars. Dragon Ball Legends had a praising start. At the beginning, it appealed the masses and Bandai was on a really great track. So good that it went straight to the top. This game had events, like the Captain Ginyu, that guaranteed a copy of that character after completion, and the same Sparking unit was put into the shop for purchase. The updates were continuous and packed with content and the in-game currency (Chrono Crystals or “CC” for short) was given very generously. After this, we got less frequent updates with even less content. The repetition is already kicking in and we’re only 100 days since its worldwide release which, I must add, had a very poor celebration event. As we stand, the only ways to get Sparking units are: Option 1 - By summoning. Meaning no more Sparking character specific events, like the one mentioned above, to get that base unit and further upgrade it at the shop or; Option 2 - Guaranteed Sparking Tickets for a random, and more often than not, outdated unit. Option 3 - To buy one costly and hand picked Sparking Goku at the shop. The Legends Rising banners come with very low chances to get that unique, brand new power creeping character, forcing people to spend to try and get one, which is perfectly understandable if, it wasn’t for the CC price tag at the shop being so high while rewarding so little. The worst part of it all is the fact that the RNG system doesn’t even guarantee anything after your purchase. So the majority of the players will either stay away from it or quit the game for good. PvP has gotten worse by being infested with people either using the disconnect glitch to rank up easily or by using lag switch to get an advantage. The devs seem to be turning their backs on the masses. It’s becoming very clear that they’re trying to milk the whales, and as a result the game’s grossing keeps on dropping along with its reputation. Something needs to change ASAP.

Pvp trash

The pvp in this game is trash and needs to be fixed, if you can not fix pvp then do not put pvp in and give us more content. I will come and leave a 1 star until this gets resolved. I suggest others do the same as well!


It’s pretty awesome wish they add more people tho

Wrongful and false accusations

I was told that I was manipulating the pvp somehow and they revoked my rank from this passed event. I am so upset because I worked really hard to get my ranking up and now I’m back to 1 it doesn’t make sense and I need someone to respond to me and fix this because I am about to uninstall after so much invested, what a waste.

Dragon ball

I love this game make more game like this put ssjg and ssjgssj and ui and master and and vegeta to like beyond ssjgssj😀 I’m 10 but dragon ball is my favorite anime show I even draw pictures of this show is the reason I draw thank you 😃😃😃😃😃 And please make Goten and Trunks bigger like a adult like in gt make a new show plz

Smaller version of Xenoverse 2 on mobile

I love it all the classic characters the fans know and love my favorite character is Super Sayian 2 Gohan Teen!

The greatest game

Playing this game for the first time this is awesome all of them the characters and Some love it It’s only been the first hour and I still can’t put it downDiamonds level ups training modeStory mode and more I recommend this game to our dragon ball Z lovers...!!!.

PvP lags

Fix the lags . Card is pressed and the game freezes



Has Potential

I’ve logged about 25 hours and I really believe Legends has potential moving forward. I understand it’s a gacha game but the lack of content & units is concerning. The gameplay is solid but there are issues with PvP. Overall, it’s a fun game and I believe all of the issues in game are fixable. As of now, I can only give it 3 stars but I hope in the near future I’m swayed enough to change it to a 5. This game really has unlimited potential. It can be a dokkan killer if they play their cards right.


Great game, love the characters, the mechanics, and all that but, im PVP Mode, PLEASE fix the vanishing step. I can’t even begin to count the numerous times that the vanishing step has been my downfall in this game. Every time I go against someone who’s around my skill level, the vanishing step never works properly. It’s like it is designed for me to let my characters die in battle. I’ve tried many different techniques to try and win but nothing works. Please help me out here.

Great mobile based game!!!

In my opinion I just have to say that I’m starting to luv this mobile base game, at first I really didn’t like it but after playing for awhile I got the hang of how to play in my own story 😅!!!

Low drop rates

Fix Sp and Ex drop rates 💩


点击屏幕提示出现错误,iPhone x运行


It good


Great game

Fun game

I enjoy this game so much, but after I finish the story and level up my best characters all the way up, all I do is wait for the next story to come then finish that right away. It’s fun, I’m just already caught up with the game and the missions aren’t fun they just make it tedious. I don’t know why people complain about payed and free, I didn’t pay and I already have sparkling piccolo super saiyan goku yellow and red, krillin, cell, and 17. I have Frieza too, and other good sparkling characters that I just don’t prefer using. There’s no difference between pay and not since it’s who plays better, I beat some people with lots of stars on there characters which means they prob payed a lot. I already have lots of good characters and most of them is what I wanted, thenonly character i need to get is broly and rn I can maybe get him. Game is a blast, but it takes awhile for u guys to release the next story, but overall game is great, people need to top complaining about pay and not pay, there’s no difference. That’s like saying the rich person and the poor person will never reach the same path.

Bad review

Every time I get gems and do a multi-summon I get nothing games just not worth my time

Favorite game

I recommend this game to Dragon ball fans because it has a story line and old characters from previous episodes and movies

Great game

The game is amazing but it would be better if you could actually make a character like choose he’s race and stuff human or saying after that good job guys

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