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Let me start off by saying that this game is a breath of fresh air. Finally a decent DBZ game for the mass following this franchise has.👍 With that being said I’ve been playing this game since it’s release in the Apple App Store. While it’s enjoyable, it does get repetitive. Grinding for souls and crystals is taking its toll. I wouldn’t mind it as much if I were rewarded a decent character but the amount of hero characters is outrageous! And it’s all so it can skew the percentages for sparking and extreme characters in the favor of the game developers, which in turn lures people to pay for the crystals in the shop. Unfortunately I’ve been there done that, I’ll admit it you got me but NEVER AGAIN. Not falling for this pay to play no sense, especially at $40.99 a pop just for 2,000 crystals!!!! Thank you for being soooo generous to your fans, oh I’m mean customers. Oh and just the icing on the cake here. You guys put in an event where we could get a “guaranteed sparking character” for an exchange of 7 summon tickets if we competed the daily missions. Well congratulations I got to use those 7 summon tickets once before you took away that feature. Now I’m sitting with 6 summon tickets, mind you I’ve been logging in every day since they created this event but now we are no longer being awarded any tickets for completing daily missions. Meanwhile the event is still there counting down the days till it expires and giving me a nice big old middle finger and reminding me how greed has ruined this game. WHY ARE YOU GUYS SO FOCUSED ON QUANTITY RATHER THAN QUALITY. ENJOY YOUR 15MINS OF FAME. THIS GAME WILL STICK AROUND FOR A LITTLE BIT, BUT ONLY BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING TO CHALLENGE IT AT THE MOMENT. BUT ONCE YOUR CUSTOMERS GET TIRED OF PUTTING IN ALL THIS HARD WORK AND NOT BEING REWARDED TO PLAY AS THEIR FAVORITE CHARACTERS (WHICH IS WHY WE ARE HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE) AND KEEP SUMMONING SAIBAMEN AND HERO AFTER HERO THIS GAME WILL BECOME IRRELEVANT. *I hope I’m wrong and things begin to change. I’m not saying your job is easy developers nor I’m I saying you shouldn’t profit but till what end?

A big issue which has kept me very angry

I love this game. It’s beautiful. I’m a super fan of dragon ball in general. The big issue is that whenever I do a multi summon with my chronic crystals, it crashes. I not only lose my crystals, but also never obtain the characters from which I spent the 1000 crystals for. Please fix this issue because it is really making me think that I’m wasting my time. Please fix this ASAP and give some sort of compensation for my 4000 lost crystals. I love that game and fixing this issue would make it the best dragon ball game on mobile without any doubt in my opinion. Hope you guys back at Bandai Namaco can fix this lingering issue. Thx in advance.


The game itself is fun and has great graphics, but the RNG is EXTREMELY unfair. Not only do you get the same characters over and over, but if they can’t be upgraded, you lose your crystals. I did the consecutive roll on Broly and got 5 sparkling goku, a whole bunch of duplicates, and no Broly.


When the game was released it’s was playable on iPhone 6 but now all sudden it’s lagging in every mode randomly closes out and it’s saying it doesn’t support iPhone 6 they allowed it first release and then go and change it that’s messed up by long shot I love this game and want to continue playing it fix the lagging so I may continue to enjoy game this goes for u designers who created the game



Where are my tickets?!?

Been playing and completing dailies and no event tickets!

Best Mobile Game I Have Ever Played

First heres my friend code so add me “ 8yjk86dj “ but, I’ve NEVER left a review for any game EVER, but this deserves one. I love the dragonball series and they out did themselves with this game. The quality behind the art is beautiful, the controls are easy to master, the storyline is addicting, how they follow the anime to the T on story missions is pretty cool in itself, and just overall this game is pristine. I LOVE it. Absolutely love this game. You have to try it even if you think you hate it, this game, this beautiful masterpiece, will make you un-think that exact thought. I promise.

Good 👌🏿

10 out of 10

Awesome app

This is the best dragon ball app since Dokkan battle

This game is......

........ great! It has a feel like the one for Xbox one and ps4

Unbalanced af

Unless you want to spend thousands of dollars attempting to catch up with ANYONE who has been playing this game for any length of time I would strongly suggest either not downloading the game or staying as far away from PVP in game as you possibly can. Downloaded this game today, unlocked pvp mode and all started out well enough, matching with opponents that where +/- 5000 power from my own team. Not to rough, then it quickly became my 50k power team against 500k+ power teams. And not just 1 here and there, it has been consistently matching me with teams anywhere from 250k power to 500k+ power for the last 8-10 matches. This is horrendous, what kind of moronic dev has the matching system this skewed. There’s a even a ranking system, why in the hell am I matching people with 6 level 1000 max characters when I’m NOWHERE near their ranks. The game was fun, albeit repetitive, up until pvp decided to just take a sh*t. Completely ruined it for me. The story mode quest, I guess you’re supposed to find the bland conversation interesting, are literally “fight these 3 dudes”, over and over. No big deal I suppose, game is linear, not many options as far as questing, but then after a couple of story acts they beef the power rating of the comp out of the blue, to a character level of 500.....you’re lucky if you’ve gotten anyone to 200 at this point so needless to say you aren’t getting past this guy for awhile. So you grind it out, hit some events. Which do the same thing after a few matches. Seriously, who the hell was in charge of scaling. I’m fine with a grind, but literally hitting a brick wall is ridiculous. The “skip” feature is about useless as well, still cost energy, that’s slow to come by, requires you meet 10 different requirements (per stage) and you get 0 exp from it.

First F2P game that’s fair!

Love Dragon Balls Z. I grew up watching it on the Japanese channel with no subtitles. Keep up the amazing job Developers. I promise when I get paid I will invest in game! There are a few bugs tho but not game breaker.

The best


great game

and brings back the childhood memory

El mejor juego de dragón ball

Súper épico

Vanishing Step is too important to be relegated to an reliable gesture

I doubt I'm alone with this opinion. This game has excellent gameplay for a gacha, but nothing is more frustrating than missing a vanish when you know you did the motion for it. I never felt strongly enough to make a post about this issue until noticing the perfection of the CPU on some of the higher difficulty missions. When the CPU decides to vanish, it doesn't have to gesture. In normal difficulty, this rarely feels unfair. On higher difficulty, where the CPU reacts to your inputs to gain an advantage, it becomes noticeable and feels cheap. While at this, let's also discuss how the AI can use 2 vanish steps in a row without switching, can use 4 blast art cards in 1 combo, can fire 2 special moves in a row (I need to at least wait for a new card, let alone having the Ki for them), counters your single blasts with one of their own at the EXACT same time 90% of the time. This all on top of their already unfair lvl and stats advantage. I'm not opposed to the higher lvl to make it a challenge, but introducing AI gameplay that violates the core game mechanics is just stupid. This isn't a matter of git gud anymore, this requires us exploiting the game and lots of luck (talking about RR) just to stand a chance.

It’s crazy

This game is so fye

Don’t believe these lying reviews

The game play is great but everything else is horrible This game is not made by dragon ball fans they have the most nonsensical layout for a game I have ever seen they set up all these overly complicated missions and then they give you no clue of how to complete them you will constantly go to the message boards to figure out what the hell they are talking about because they give you zero idea and I mean zero info about what anything is what to do or anything else and the person vs person is a joke you can have completely maxed out fighter level 1000 and all boost panels makes no difference you will get beat like your level 300 your moves don’t work you can hit them with ten cards doesn’t take a 1/4 of there power but you get wiped out by 3 cards even know your the same level fighter so they are cheating or something but it’s utterly worthless

Fun game, a little unfair

I really like this game as a Dragon Ball fan especially. The gameplay is fun and actually requires skill. That being said, PVP can be completely unfair at times. If your connection is better than the other players then they lag and it makes it impossible to judge when they’re attack ing and what kind of attack they’re using, while yours remain normal to them. Also, the automatic highest rarity summon is great, but it stopped letting me get tickets for it a full week before the event even ends. I have 5 out of 7 tickets so it’s pretty annoying. Fix these things though and it’s a 5 star game for sure.

Fantastic game but

Would be the easiest 5 star ever, however a bug causes the iPhone screen to lock randomly in gameplay, forcing losses in PVP. Sometimes needing to play 6 games before getting to complete a single one. Sometimes 6 in a row with no issue. But being penalized and having time wasted due to a bug is unacceptable.

Needs more supported devices

This game looks cool from the video. But can you make it support 5s too or android. Then I will rate it five stars

The best mobile app game.

Yes, I do believe this is the best dragonball game on app that you can play and have friend downloaded it and play pvp The con there a lot of bugs been they are diligent to patch them. Lose my ticket :_: for summoning when they fixing bugs. But still I enjoy playing it. I grow up with dragonball I’m 33. Thank you and look forward for more characters and events never stop.

Need update

People cheat on PvP mode, bad online game

great game

love it but i need more story to come out!!

The game is rad...

... The updates not so much. Been playing for a whole week and still have not received a single SUMMONING TICKET after completing the daily tasks. Clearly there’s a glitch but the game is 🔥🔥🔥

Make newer stuff

This came is cool but they should make like holiday events like when it’s Christmas the game can have snow and some story where you fight snow mans until you can fight the boss which is Santa or some snow monster

The best mobile game

This is the best Mobile game I’ve played in a very long time.

Block please

I really love this game but I want a block button I don’t like the teleportation only cause I get irritated when I don’t have stm Block please or I’m done

Great game but needs a small fix

Great game would recommend to dragon ball fans but combat gets a little repetitive as it would be dodge special attacks repeat still great game.


Fix it



Please fix or tell me what’s wrong

I am supposed to get summon tickets every day after I complete the daily challenges and for the pst 2 days I haven’t got anything and that’s including today. Please do something for me.

Great game!

The game is fun and engaging plus being a diehard Dragonball fan makes it all the more better. If the tutorial weren’t so lengthy I’d give it five stars.

Fighting controls

Needs better fight control format


This is a fun game and it is way better than dokan battle (sorry if i mispelled dokan)

Very good game but the updates....

I have this game 4 stars because it’s a very good game, the gameplay is fun and there is a notion of skill without being too complex. I think this game brings very good features such as the events and it should get 5 stars. The very big problem is that since the game came out the developers have been focusing too much on everything like events and little updates and the main story has been completely left apart.I was very interested in what happens next but they haven’t even given us the whole first part of the story.

Game is amazing but...

Love this game but there is a couple minor things that need to be worked out for example right now there's 4 days left in the silver ticket summon to get a free sparking character but for the last couple of days I have not been able to get a ticket

Angovite a user who hacks

I can’t report people so I have to do a review of it and this guy has infinite ki fast vanish step gauge at all times and when he is using a support ability he can vanish in the middle of it and finally I can’t dodge when he attacks unless it is a strike attack plz do something about this user


2 updates Back to back and the game still won’t load. Smh what are they doing over at Bandai. 4 days now... plz fix


Does anybody else have to download 58mb of data every time they play this game? It hasn’t always been doing this so I’m confused.

Good game but has some flaws

The ultra space time summon ticket sometimes isn’t given to me when I do the daily quests and it really makes me mad it happened 3 times and I have 5 more days to get lucky and hope the game ACTUALLY gives me my ticket bc now I can only summon one person if THE GAME WILL GIVE ME MY TICKET but overall it’s a good game I showed it to some of my friends and they got the game too so plz do the ticket summon again or give me my tickets bc it’s really triggering. I keep doing the daily quests and STILL I HAVENET GOTTEN MY TICKET and if this keeps happening I’m going to delete the game and tell my friends to delete it before it’s too late it is really starting to get me really mad and I’m tired of this FIX IT NOW.


Nice game love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The new event is completely ridiculous

The fact that enemies can be higher than the level cap currently is iffy but acceptable. What’s not ok is the fact that the challenges required to allow use of skip tickets are literally impossible. This is extremely unfriendly to both players that don’t spend and those who do. In addition the drop rate for items The level is already unbeatable to 90% of players don’t make it impossible to access the premium currency through impossible missions. Please try and fix this.


Best game ever love playing it


I always try to DL any new DBZ game that rolls out in the App Store and this is by far the best. Game can be played w/o having to purchase anything although you can. The almost endless events, daily quests and primary quests allow you to collect the top currency. I have tons of iconic and top tier characters gathered through the summon. New events always are available to keep the game fresh. Endless PvP and the energy for story can go quickly but the tanks and first couple recharges w/ diamonds allows for a longer session. There have been a handful of maintenance server shutdowns but all that means is the game is either getting the bugs fixed or is having constant added. You can sense the developers enjoy making and want this game to be successful. This game deserves 5 stars.


Graphics are cool and pretty fun to pass time.

Poor summoning rates

Honestly I wouldn’t recommend. It costs 1000 gems to get (you only get 10 and maybe some bonuses) but after you beat the short story there isn’t a whole lot to do to earn them. I did 5 pulls to get turles and not even one? I did a pull where I got literally nothing good. Not one character. It crushed my faith in working hard for rewards when you get poop characters. Must say not recommended unless they fix something.


Love the game, just frustrating that you get those ultra ticket summon tickets from completing daily missions but the tickets have been removed from the rewards.


Fun yay....

Db legend

Best freaking iPhone game ever 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

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