Very good game

I love this game a lot


Add teaming up with your friends too play against other people and they’re friends


This game recently made changes to pvp that ruined the game. Also very glitchy and misses vanishing step constantly, causing you to lose battles you should have won.


The game is wonderful. it has good graphics and the best story may ask to make shallot turn supersayian


To many tips

The definition of horrible servers

This has the same problems as dragon ball xenoverse 2 with it being amazing and fun offline but when online it feels like a completely different game. Some combos don’t even work and I hope they fix this because I want to play more of this and give it a better review but when the netcode is this bad it feels unplayable.

Amazing Game

Ive had so much fun for the past 2 days playing this game and i think the menu layout is a little confusing but im sure ill get the hang of it.... graphics are beautiful for an app and i love how we introduced a new SAIYAN!! Shallot... Great story line and cant wait to play more!!!!!

This is an absolute amazing game!!

I love everything about this game. From the graphics to the combat, it’s a rush from start to finish!!! I would honestly not change a thing about this game except for one thing and one thing only and it is probably the only problem I would say is a tiny issue to the game play. Which would be the time it takes to recover from a ki blast etc. If only there was a way to tap repeatedly to recover quicker I believe that it would make the matches more entertaining then being rendered powerless due to the delay time it takes to recover from the blasts, hits, etc. other then that I love the game and can’t wait for more updates!!!

PvsP Battle

Hi I play Dragon Ball Legends and the only problem I have with this app is when I play online battles some of the opponents abuse the way how the game is supposed to be played. The opposing player will use Switch out their character if my is stronger, rush fighters, and use Bardock’s Main ability to not allow characters to switch out just to win or boost their BP. I know not many of the issue I just mentioned might not change anything but if message or something could go out to all players would be appreciated. I play the game fair and don’t care about BP just love the Dragon Ball Franchise all I want to do is fight. Thank you!


More characters tournament of power, or dragon ball heroes character, ssj 3 and what not

I can‘t get in the game

After the last actualization I cannot get in the game, so if you could make another actualization I would apreciate it. The best game ever


I made an in app purchase that was suppose to be 11.99 well they charged me 24.99 and I never received the crystals I bought. They are trying to say the crystals are added and they weren’t. So not only are they liking about prices of in app purchases but they aren’t giving the items being bought.


Dis game is tuff


I actually enjoy the game tbh. The only thing I do not like is the side step/ki canceling that players exploit. I will admit that I use the side step at times when I have multiple strike cards but other than that it doesn’t seem fun to me. Especially when you play someone who lags into a ki cancel then endless combos you with side steps. Other than that I love the game lol!

Super sayain god and blue

I think u guys should bring the full package of upgrades, i mean like the series have super sayain god and blue ect.... otherwise great game

Summon issues

So the game is fun all in all but holy hell the summon odds I don’t know if this happens to everyone but I did 2 times a 10 times summon and got nothing and then also did some extra summons after that and all I got where extremes I feel as if I should’ve got something my friend plays and does just one summons and has got my sparkling than me and I’ve been playing for nearly double the time he has just the odds sorta make me mad but a fun game never the less

Broken PVP

PVP continues to be broken. That side step dash needs to be fixed ASAP. It’s make the PVP unsuitable for play.

Such a epic game

This game is the best DBZ game I ever played plus it’s no ads,But as I said this game is awesome 👍🏿😁😁😁

Bad game

This game relies to much on sidestep and in pvp it bullshits you so much it always lags and summon rates are so low its like as if there isn’t any sparkings in the game oh and I don’t recommend it to anyone who doesn’t have extra money to spend or extra time to waste

Please read

Okay this game is super amazing and I love it very much. Great graphics and gameplay. But ever since the recent update and maintenance update. I can’t do vanish step no matter what. It’s really irritating especially during pvp


This game is so crazy and cool I live it so much I like what they did with the physique of it



I’m going back on my review.

My only complaint with this game now is that, it’s starting to become a money pit. The probability is insane. You can literally use over 4K crystals and not pull anybody good from the summons. When you turn to buy more crystals, the prices are way to high for a game! I understand the game is free and they have to make some profit somewhere, but this is starting to become outrageous. Please don’t ruin a good thing by becoming money hungry. It’s sad to say the least. I’ll still play the game for now though and if the same thing continues, I’ll be one less community member to worry about. UPDATE: Trying to get some decent characters from summons is like trying to hit the lottery! This is absolutely ridiculous.


I feel in total control 9.5/10 :)


Todo esta muy bien elaborado es muy entretenido las batallas son muy frenéticas y la calidad es excelente lo único que le falta es el idioma español


This is a really cool game in which you can waste time in and have fun in.. the only problem that I hate so much is that it lags so much when you play in the pvp matches. It’s really frustrating. At some point I feel like launching my phone cross the room because of how much it lags.. I have a really good phone service and WiFi and it still lags.. everything else in the game is alright just that when it comes to pvp I just can’t.. it takes the fun and enjoyment of playing away I hard play now.. if they would fix this problem I’ll probably think about playing again, but if it keep lagging I won’t this is why I’m giving this game a three star rating..

Sidestep and Dash Sidestep Problem

Its becoming more common in PVP where people are using a Strike Arts Card then sidstepping immediately right after to create HUGE combos. Same problem happens when people use the Blast Arts Card. Using Blast Arts, dashing, then sidestepping to create HUGE combos. Please patch or fix this problem! Its unfair!

Fix PvP

Very fun for the most part. PvP is absolute, complete garbage. If your opponent has anything other than a perfect connection the match is almost unplayable. Fix this somehow, it is ruining this game!!!!!


Worst combat system ever with absolute no defense against incoming attacks

Best mobile dragon ball game out there

The gameplay of this game is innovative for mobile gaming. It truly makes a dragon ball experience amazing for both new and veteran fans, and gameplay is stunningly smooth and graphically beautiful. I would absolutely recommend this game to any dragon ball fan


Fix pvp, every time I try to play I disconnect before the match starts, I still get the win but it makes the game less fun, because of this my rank was reset for dishonest activity when I never did anything dishonest I play the game fairly. I couldn’t get any of my rewards because of your servers being unstable to keep a connection so I can play. Its not my fault the game disconnects when I have 4 bars or am on wifi, that’s something you need to fix, and I won’t stop ranting until I get my rewards I should’ve received from playing pvp. NOT A RANK RESET

Me gusto

Es muy bueno y adictivo sus gráficos son espectaculares 100% recomendado

Love It

I can’t explain to u how much I love the game, good job bandai, this ones a keeper!

It’s Lit

Best mobile game ever.. great job


Best game I ever played

Great game, but I quit cuz you gotta spend $$$

Great animations and art. Was fun for a while until it got repetitive and once you spend like 4 hours a day trying to get crystals with no real money is gets old and I don’t wanna spend $40 every month to try and get the newest best hero. I already spent about $70 on this game and it’s not fair for other kids and people who spend $100’s even thousands to try and get the latest hero.

You can actually grind it out

I’ve been playing this game since it first came out. Yes, people can just buy gems but earn them yourself as we

This game is addicting

I’ve been playing from the start it’s been awesome since 🔥🔥🔥

I’ll beat the breaks off ya

Game coo

Balance and characters

This game has a good roster but it needs more. This game also needs some matchmaking updates, I keep finding people who are in rank 50 when I’m in rank 20 in the rating battles, even in the casual battles I keep finding people who have way to high of skill level

Dragonball legends

This game is a little fun but it is extremely frustrating because the dodge technique does not work. And then they have maintainers that last for Hours “fixing” the problem but the problem is never fixed. This game is like angry birds you’ll enjoy playing it but the end result will be a broken phone.

I wanna like it...but....

Might as well call this game DBZ: Downloading. When I watch more loading screens then actually playing, turns me off from any mobile game

So fun

This game is amazingly awesome and fun I have 2 character suggestion you guys should add ultra instinct goku and super saiyan blue vegeta

I Love This Game

This game is amazing. The tutorial made it easy to grasp the concepts of the game(in battle skills, and element advantages). The leveling system is really simple and easy to understand. And there is an amazing amount of cards in game. The only problem I had was I didn’t get the 1,000 gems for playing for 7 days.

Best DBZ Game to date!!!

I downloaded this game thinking I would delete it later, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. A perfect balance of action and strategy mixed with heart pounding adrenaline and nostalgic gameplay has compelled me to fall in love with DBZ all over. Thank you to the team that created my all time favorite game.......EVER!! I WILL support this Game!


Android 17‘s power is why overpowered his defense is way to strong please Nerf him For love of God

Good but there is still room for improvement

I had this game for a few months now but I reset my phone so I had to download it again. All of a sudden, some of my characters have started going missing, one by one. Even just before this post, I upgraded a sparking piccolo to level 1500 but now he’s gone. Please fix this. I don’t want all my efforts to be wasted right now by taking my unlocked characters away.


Esta muy bueno el juego

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